Barbara has literally grown up in the audio book world, answering an ad in the paper and booking her first recording only months after arriving in New York, as the young heroine of Fanny Hill. Since then, it has been her privilege and honor to record in many categories: mysteries, non fiction, romance, children’s books, and more.  She hopes to continue to tell stories for many years to come, “and thank you for being a Recorded Books reader.

O Pioneers!
Talented narrator Barbara McCulloh uses her highly trained and experienced vocal abilities to capture the biting cold of the Nebraska flatlands and the tough but gentle people who choose to work the land there. She uses plaintive pauses and firm emphasis to paint pictures with words describing the characters’ struggles to thrive as they battle the elements. McCulloh adopts a measured pace and employs her extraordinary ability to evoke deep emotion in listeners as she leads them through the stark landscapes.
— AudioFile

One Little Secret
Barbara McCulloh’s rich and throaty voice makes this story about the importance of God, family, honesty, and sacrifice a rewarding listening experience.
— Audiofile

Iris and Walter:The School Play
Barbara McCulloh, who has done a fine job narrating this series, shines again as she chronicles the challenges of the theater, such as memorization and coping with stage fright. Her compassionate reading also conveys insight into how deeply children feel even small disappointments, as well as what friends and family can do to help them feel better. McCulloh reads carefully and with a deliberate pace that allows early readers to follow along.
— Audiofile

My Big Old Texas Heartache
Barbara McCulloh’s narration grabs hold of this story, adding romance, fun, and heartache to the telling. With sultry tones and a little Texas twang, McCulloh brings Cedar Dell to life, complete with widow ladies and their cooking, crotchety old men, family feuds and reunions, and, of course, steamy love scenes.
— AudioFile